Markhor killed: Poachers and their vehicle still untraced?

ISLAMABAD, Feb 18: The illegal hunting of markhor [Capra falconeri] in connivance with wildlife department is going on unnoticed in Chitral as five unknown persons escaped after successfully poaching down the prized animal Sunday night in the mountains of Birmoghlasht. Well-placed sources in Chitral police told this correspondent over the phone that the wildlife department – a liability on the national kitty, which needs complete overhauling – has lodged an FIR against five unknown persons in Chitral Police Station. They said that five persons driving a red double-cabin datsun bearing registration No GLT 5512 were caught red-handed by the forest staff. But they escaped with the booty, threatening the forest official of dire consequences. However, during the brawl they snatched a piece of leg, head of the animal and hide from the poachers. But the thing which needs emphases is that the officials of the wildlife staff did not inform the police. The sources claimed that the department itself was involved in poaching of precious wildlife. They also claimed that the department itself gives way to the influential of the area for killing the markhor, which is a very rare animal in this part of the world and rapidly nearing extinction due to negligence of the forest department. The locals demanded of the government to take stern action against the concerned DFO, who has miserably failed to protect the precious wildlife as whenever such an happening is reported, he puts it under the carpet without taking any strict notice. They also said that some influential of the area in connivance with the wildlife department were on killing frenzy to appease some of their masters in federal capital, who enjoy eating the sour meat of the animal.  When contacted, divisional forest officer of wildlife, Chitral, Mohammad Shakil, claimed that he knew the people and they would be brought to book soon. However, he declined to disclose the names of the illegal hunters, saying they were some VVIPs from the down country. “We’ve some idea, who the hunters are…my staff knew them [and] they will be identified if seen around…they could not be apprehended at the spot as they were fully equipped with lethal weapons”, he added.   A senior police officer in Chitral who wished not to be named said that it is the sole incompetence of the wildlife department, adding they neither inform the police nor sought any help when the incident took place, making it sure it was a pre-planned ‘game’ of the department. When the DFO was asked why his staff did not approach the police after the hunters fled the scene, he could not come with any satisfactory answer, but gave the impression in a light tone that ‘the hunters were so powerful that they were unable to put an hand on them’.  ]]>

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  1. Great Job Zulfi for saving the flora and fauna of the scenic Chitral valley. Markhor is our national animal and we must respect it. Chitral is the only place where nature can be seen conserved unlike other cities where nature has been deformed. Once again thanks to Zulfi for exposing the hunters.

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