Tunnel water run power house inaugurated

CHITRAL, Nov 12: Chitral witnessed a new era in micro-hydel development sector when a local private power company, Green Alternative Power (GAP), made it through 800-foot-long tunnel water channel to run a power station producing 600 KW electricity in Siwakht, Shoghor village of Karimabad valley. The tunnel, first of its nature by local private entity, symbolises the commitment to development of Chitral on self-help basis when people around the country react to the energy shortfall through protests and destruction. The tunnel of 7 feet diameter was a joint venture of the local communities, GAP and the Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP), where GAP provided technical support to the project funded by the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF). GAP is a Private Limited Company based in Chitral with a variety of services related to the implementation, production and distribution of renewable energy especially the Hydro Power. With company has extensive experience of installing and maintaining micro and mini hydel projects in Chitral and Afghanistan. The micro hydel Project, providing electricity to 9 villages of Karimabad valley of Lotkoh area, will be managed by the local community based power committee with the technical support of any energy company hired at local or national level. The project will prove a milestone to the GAP commitment for larger projects and its efforts to work on the next generation energy solutions for sustainable livelihood and to make energy work for low income families and households.—Rehmat Ali  ]]>

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