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Chitral to have three flour mills

CHITRAL, Oct 12: Provincial minister for food Syed Qalbe Hassan has said to meet the shortage supply of wheat in the district, three flour mills are being established in three localities of Chitral town, Drosh and Booni from where wheat on controlled rates will be made available to the public. Addressing a press conference here on Friday along with MPA Ghulam Mohammad, he said the flour mills would ensure the smooth supply of wheat flour throughout the valley where the availability of wheat in the warehouses of food department will also continue. The minister said that the reservations of the local people about the flour mills will be removed and only the local people will be allowed to establish flour mills. He made it clear that the subsidy enjoyed by the people of Chitral on wheat supplied by the food department will go on even after the establishment of flour mills which will lead to the availability of flour on much lower rates than Peshawar city. Mr. Hassan said that on the complaint of the people of the people of Chitral, the stock of rotten wheat will be removed to Peshawar whose quantity has been calculated at eight thousand tons. He said that the allocation for the allocation of wheat quota for the district has been fixed at 14 thousand tons whose transportation will be completed within a time of three weeks. He said to improve the efficiency of the food department, the posts of food grain supervisors will be filled on union council level so that the local officials may serve the people in better way. The minister claimed that he was totally free any blemish of corruption which emboldens him to take any decision without any fear from any quarter.–Zahiruddin]]>

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  1. Adnan Zainul Abiden says

    Another un popular decision to establish flour mills in Chitral without any drastic change in the food department existing affairs. In the present scenarion this facility will extend unending favor to the same corrupt maphia for multiplying their illgoten wealth by snatching bread from the mouth of poor masses of Chitral. How a poor man from Upper Yarkhoon, Broghol, Upper Laspur, Khot, Reach,Terich, LotOweer, Gobor, Arkari, Sosum, Kalash valley, Madaklasht, Shisikoh, Arandu and other parts of Chitral could collect flour from Chitral on monthly basis?During winter season, due to natural calamaties, high flood, etc roads to the major farflung villages of Chitral remain blocked for so long time coupled with meagre financial capacity of masses to buy food items for few months will add fuel to the suffering of majority of the population of Chitral district.Our high ups now must think ten times before taking any decision in this respect and local leaders should also raise voice to discuss all pre requisites ralated with the new initiative of the food department.

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