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Scout's mother seeks donations for son's release

Faqir Hussain, a resident if Garum Chashma, and Naik Tariq Jalal of Denin were taken hostage by the Afghan Taliban and later shifted to Noristan by their captors.  Faqir Hussain was later reportedly killed by the militants while Tariq Jalal is still in the custody of Taliban waiting for his death. The Taliban militants are demanding six million rupees for his release while the poor family and other people of Chitral have been waiting for eight months for his safe recovery. The government has so far shown least interest in this regard. Hardly hit by desperation and grief, the poor old mother of Tariq has now decided to come to the roads to make possible the safe recovery of her son. The district chapter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  (PTI) has now decided to help the poor woman to get her son released from Taliban custody. Addressing a press conference here, Haji Abdul Latif, the president of PTI Chitral, appealed to the entire nation and philanthropists to help the woman in her hour of grief. He also appealed to Ansar Burni, the head of Ansar Burni Trust, to help the poor family on humanitarian grounds. He further said that Ansar Burni spent  worth millions of rupees on releasing the captives from the custody of Somali pirates, how good it would be if he shows similar gestures in the case of Jalal’s family. The PTI leader also appealed to President Asif Ali Zardari to help save the life of a young soldier who was kidnapped by the militants while guarding the frontiers of the country. (Donations can be sent to these account numbers: The Bank of Khyber, Chitral branch, Account No. 11767-6; UBL, Chitral branch A/C No 3785-1; and ABL Chitral  AC No 999-6).]]>

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