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Everybody’s business is nobody’s business

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

After a couple of weeks I had the chance to roam about the city of Chitral and prowled around to see if some cleaner nook is to be found, but it is sorry to say that the condition of cleanliness of the town is going down  and nothing has been in proper shape.

The standard of civic services is deteriorating perhaps due to ignorance of the proprietors or the negligence of the administrative machinery or due to soaring price hike.

It is not clear on whose shoulders the duty of cleanliness of the town i.e. the removal of garbage from the streets, the cleanliness of the tea stalls, restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels and the streets rests: the committee, the food department, the civil administration or the magistrate?

The high prices of essential commodities owing to the kind efforts of our politicians and Economists, has so flabbergasted the public that nobody cares about the condition of clean streets or the ones mentioned above. The political parties only think about their own goals and ultra motives. They little care about the hygiene or cleanness of the surroundings or the catteries for one reason or another.

We often talk of Tourism business, or Chitral as a tour destination and this is a misconception. The present condition of Chitral town or Booni may hardly attract any tourist from a super clean city of a developed country. They sure, shall get frustrated to find Chitral town a heap of garbage, the restaurants also a dirty place to sit to eat or to have a cup of tea. The natural beauty away from the dirty towns will attract an adventure tourist but the service in the Hotels and Restaurants is so poor that it will disappoint them. We have to be good Chitrali besides being good Muslim if we want to maintain our identity.

The divided responsibility of keeping the town clean has been taken by none of us. We have no idea of clean environment and its role in human society.  It seems that there is no such body responsible for clean environment of the town where all the officers reside and receive the blessings of the Lord.

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