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Speakers highlight causes of rising suicides

BOONI: Speakers at a seminar shed light of causes of rising suicide cases among young people of Chitral and presented steps to check the dangerous trend.

The seminar, “Rising suicides and our responsibility” was organized by Awi Development Forum (ADF), says a press release.

Educationists, psychologists and others including Shamsur Nazar Fatemi, Inayatullah and Shazia Bibi were of the opinion that besides others help should also be taken from Islamic teachings to eliminate the curse of suicide among the youth.

They also spoke about different social and financial issues that were among different factors behind suicide cases.

At the end of the event, certificates were distributed among the participants.

It may be noted that Chitral has seen a sharp increase in suicide cases among young people especially women, in the recent years. Last year, over 40 people committed suicide, most of them involving teenagers after they failed or could not get good marks in their matric and intermediate exams.

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