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Another lady doctor for Booni hospital demanded

BOONI: Elected representatives have called upon health department to appoint one more lady doctor at the government hospital in Booni.

At present, Dr Zohra Wali is working at the gynae ward and attends to 150 to 200 patients daily at the outpatient department (OPD). Besides, she also attend emergency cases at night.

It is not possible for any doctor that too for a woman to attend to such a large number of patients. Burdening a doctor with heavy load of work is not only a violation of labour laws but is also a risk for her own health.

Nazimeen Forum President Muhammad Pervez Lal demanded that the government should appoint another female doctor at the gynae ward to facilitate patients at the only public sector hospital of the new district of Upper Chitral.

The availability of a female doctor at gynae department of the hospital has always been an issue. In 2017, the only lady doctor of the hospital was transferred and there was no replacement made for months.

The locals continued demanding posting of a lady doctor to the hospital and later warned of a protest sit-in. After months, Dr Zohra Wali, a local resident, was hired who has been performing duty at the hospital since then.

After creation of the new district with Booni as its headquarters, the tehsil headquarters hospital would serve as the district headquarters hospital. But government seems not in a position to upgrade the facilities at the healthcare centre anytime soon.

Being the only government hospital in whole Upper Chitral, the THQ hospital Booni has to serve a large number of people.

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