Chitral’s first snow sports festival from Feb 15

DROSH. For the first time, a snow sports festival is being organized in Chitral by the Hindukush Snow Sports Club in collaboration and support of the Pakistan Winters Sports Federation, Pakistan Air Force and the army.

The festival will be held in Madaklasht valley from Feb 15 to 17.
Talking to the media, Prince Hasamul Mulk, the president of Hindukush Snow Sports Club Chitral (HSSC), said it was the result of long-thought and struggle that the objective of introducing winter sports in Chitral was going to be materialized.
He said the event would open new arena for tourism and sports as winter tourism remained null in Chitral.
He said there was lot of potential for winter sporting in different parts of Chitral and the HSSC aimed at exploring these hidden areas to strengthen tourism and winter sports. Mr Mulk added that last month players of HSSC participated in a snow sports festival in Naltar Gilgit that was a milestone in the snow sports.
He said the festival in Madaklasht would consist of both indigenous and modern winter sports, including skiing, snowboarding, Ice skating, snow trekking, snow hockey, snowball fight, traditional snow games and Chitrali music.

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  1. Good initiative. It was need of the hour. Go ahead and keep it up with traditional zeal and ferver.

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