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Trees cut to widen approach road to Lowari Tunnel

UPPER DIR: A large number of trees have been cut in the forests near the under-construction Lowari Tunnel for widening of an approach road to the tunnel, locals complained.

The felling of trees has also affected the beauty of the scenic area because forests are the main source of serenity of the region, they said.

Sources in the forest department said they had auctioned the trees which had come in the way of widening of the approach road. They said that they had claimed compensation of the felled trees from the National Highway Authority at Rs690 per tree.

They said that 60 per cent of the compensation amount would be given to the landowners while 40 per cent would stay with the forest department.

On the other hand, the contractors said that they had to cut the trees to make way for widening of the approach road.

The local people demanded of the provincial government to take every possible step to preserve the forests.–Dawn

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  1. Israrullah says

    Probably the only time it is wise to cut trees is when making way for a road. But then as a compensation twice the cut amount of trees should be planted immediately and looked after.

  2. Dr. Khalil says

    AKRSP philosophy is just a imagination, we used to call it holistic approach , probably Shah karez sahab is forgetting the term , but it is just an imagination, or could be applicable only in country like Canada where there is only land without people. We together could not find any way to implement this imaginary philosophy while working together with AKRSP, now remembering the past we want to impress people with using the terminologies we ourselve could never try, or succeed to implement anywhere in chitral and gilgit. So please let the people work, don’t make it shipishon channel or Nehr e athak. or hundreds of mini power stations five of them were only in Ayun , and all or 95 % of them disappeared within a year or two. Or we can take numerous access roads now in use of Aliens time to time.

  3. Shah Karez says

    Environment and Development both must be considered in such constructions. It is very strange that in a mega project such as Lowari Tunnel we never heard of anything like Environmental Assessment. It is foolish on the part of planners not to carryout such a study, it is more foolish if study done and laid aside as a show piece without taking into account the remedial measures (if any) for environmental losses. Someone must throw light on this aspect since the widening of approach road on either side of the tunnel is currently in progress.

  4. Ijaz Ahmad says

    We need a wide road in this risky area to avoid the possible road accident in winter z a gud initiative frm the NHA authority…

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