NYO Chitral’s election: a clarification by chairman

DROSH: The chairman of the National Youth Organization (NYO) Chitral, Mr Abbas Hussain, has issued a statement to clarify reports circulating in social media about the election for new office-bearers of the NYO.
“Being chairman of NYO Chitral, I twice informed the youth of Chitral about the election of the new office-bearers and asked them to attend a meeting in this regard. Later, two names surfaced as the candidates for the post of president NYO Chitral. In the meantime, Fazle Hussain  came up and did not accept the procedure to elect the office-bearers and said it was not the right way.”

As Mr Fazle Hussain announced his decision to not accept the election, the two presidential candidates also left the field. When I contacted the provincial leadership of the NYO, they too opposed the procedure and told me to make full preparations for the election.

“I also brought the situation into the knowledge of all the presidential candidates as well as the president and the general secretary of the Awami National Party (ANP). I have told the candidates to be patient and assured them that the election would be held in accordance with the rules and their aspirations in front a representative of the party’s provincial chapter.”

Mr Hussain also asked the candidates as well as members of the NYO to avoid spreading misinformation in the social media about the election.

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