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  1. i don’t think people at the langlands school are free enough to engage in unimportant media activity. this is rubbish. and why would a private school explain its internal matters to public? people are crazy. has anybody guts to criticise fcps, akhs or any other institution? i don’t think so. the langlands school is the only unlucky soft target for media taliban. honestly, if i were in the langlands school administration, i would have taught a memorable lesson to all unimportant critics.

  2. There are the supporters and friends of this school they have their children in this school, thus support this school and its corruption.
    Ahmad might be one in the list. I know how many children were given admission on Safarish. Why don’t the people of Chitral ask for inquiry into it.

  3. @Ahmad Yes we admit that Langland school has a lot of services to Chitral in the field of education and no doubt it was one of the best schools in the district but the current administration has lost its standard for what Langand sir had sacrificed his whole life. Once the school was known for its high marks and meritocracy now these values have been replaced with nepotism and favoritism that’s why its results graph is in decline.
    The criticism of the writer and other commentators is for the betterment of the school and to reinforce the lost values in its system. You have commented targeting the writer personally and your comment seems to be the voice of Lady Carry and her administration. If their system is so fair then why they are not passing a single comment on this publicly published challenge? Why they haven’t officially responded to the allegations? Where is the demanded inquiry? You have stated “her Sifarish was rejected” it means Sifarish prevails in the process, accepted and rejected on the basis of like and dislike. And also it is a commonsense if a person’s Sifarish is rejected he/she cannot say any word against the institution in a fear to be exposed but the writer has publicly challenged the whole process.

  4. This article clearly seems to be a resentment from a bitter lady whose child couldn’t qualify the entrance test, and her Sifarish was rejected. It is one of the indicatives of quality education and success of The Langlands School and College administration. The Langlands School and College is oversubscribed to the extent that for 40 seats in a class 170 candidates took entrance test. It is not possible to stretch the capacity of 40 seats to 170 to accommodate all. And it is quite natural for parents like this lady (the writer of the article) to resent failing a seat in the most successful school for their children.
    As for the admirers of GD Langlands; we are all Chitralis. We haven’t seen them supporting him when he was here. Now please stop criticising unnecessarily, and let the school progress. One thing is clear that those who target The Langlands School with their biased and bitter words are either the sacked /rejected parties, or parents whose children have been rejected. Whoever they are, they are not honest and sincere even to themselves.

    1. Well,How come Majority of those who were Selected Belong to a Specific Area in Chitral ? It sounds Childish but it is , the Bitter Truth …. No Doubt TLSC has improved A lot , Pehle Larke Torabora Jake Cigerete Piya Karte the ,,, Ajj kal Asatza ke Saath pee rehe hote Hein …

  5. I highly appreciate Mrs. Abida Hussain for highlighting the very curial matter regarding one of the esteemed educational organization. As a reformative minded individual of the society, first of all, I greatly acknowledge the services of G.D Langland and former academic team for their best efforts and ensuring meritocracy in all their decisions. Few years back, when new team took over with their irrational reformation policy by pushing out some senior and experienced academic staff from the institutions, many expected for more development and progress. With the passage of time we came to realize that, the new team is highly involved in nepotism, favoritism and openly killing the concept of meritocracy almost in all their decisions. Beside many comprehensive examples, the recent entry test is the best evident of the moral corruption in the institution. It was their ethical responsibility to investigate the matter through transparent procedures after highlighting the issue by Mrs. Abida Hussain. In nutshell, the silent approach of the Principal and Team is a clear evident of their incapability to respond and to ensure the transparency in the system through proper inquiry. We are still expecting for the review of the whole process of selections otherwise we can think for next appropriate step in order to clarify the matter.

  6. This school is no longer an educational institution. It is a camp house of Mansoora, where Jamat e Islami holds the sway. Young children are systematically radicalised and JI political agenda is gradually inculcated in young minds. Few months ago JI membership campaign was also carried out in the campus.

  7. Ma shirin brarginyan hya school Khatum biti shak birai, Paisa Khatum bus kharab, schoolo fees phhuri dakhila tan nafriyntn ya kcha school birai.

  8. When an institution stops taking students on merit and instead reserves seats on the basis of hidden interests, it loses its credibility. GD Landland school is fast becoming like any other private or public institution in the region. It’s time to investigate and correct the wrongs.

  9. میرے ساتھ بھی یہی ہوا ہے۔ اب پتہ چلا کہ اس سکول میی کیا ہو رہا ہے۔ جو کرپشن ہو رہا ہے پرنسپل کے ایما کے بعیر نہین ہو سکتا یہ بات درست ہے۔

  10. I had a long experience of working with this principal. She dictates everything, she has her supporters, and friends that they have seats of admission.

  11. Langlands School is no more a school which had a reputation when Sir Langlands used to run it. The lady principal is running it like a typical Chitrali woman. She gets dictation from clerics and her mouthpieces. And this is the reason it has been turned into a third class govt run school. I would request the BoG to consider replacing the journalist principal with a professional academe.

  12. If, what the writer has asserted in her letter,is true, then its very disappointing. The Principal of GDLangland and its BOG members should hold an inquiry and let the public know if the system of admission is transparent or not!!

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