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Missing man's alleged killer held after 14 months

police Bahadar Ullah, 20, son of Mir Afsar Khan of Charun, mysteriously went missing on March 29, 2015. As there was no breakthrough in the case and police did not find a clue to the missing man, District Police Officer (DPO) Asif Iqbal recently issued special directions to the police to resolve the case. Another friend of the deceased, identified as Said Uddin of Kuragh was also taken into custody on Tuesday. Both have been sent to jail on judicial remand now. The police constituted a special team, led by the incharge of the Booni police post Inspector Atiqur Rehman. The team interrogated a friend of the missing man, Mustansir Ahmed, son of Jamshaid Ahmed, a resident of Kuragh. During the interrogation, Mustansir told the police that he murdered Bahadar Ullah and dumped his body into the river at the southern end of Kuragh. The body of the victim is, however, still remains untraced. The police did not disclose the cause of the murder.arrest On the revelation of the accused, the police registered a case under section 302 against him and produced him before a local court. The police said the accused confessing to killing Bahadar Ullah before the judge. The court later sent the accused to the district jail on a judicial remand. On April 11, 2015, we had posted this story: The Booni police in Chitral is investigating the mysterious disappearance of a 20-year-old who went missing two weeks ago and has not been heard from since. Bahadar Ullah, son of Mir Afsar, left his home in Charun village in his car on March 29 to go on a long drive with his friends Saifuddin and Mustansar, said the police. However, the car developed a fault at Kuragh ravine and Saifuddin left to get a mechanic to fix it. Mustansar left as well after receiving a call from his family. According to the police, Saifuddin returned around 8pm accompanied by a mechanic, but Bahadar was nowhere to be found. A local later found Bahadar’s mobile phone from a bridge at Kuragh. His attention was drawn to the phone as it was ringing; the passerby answered the call and spoke to Bahadar’s family, said police. They added that the missing man’s identity card and vehicle registration papers were also found at the same place, but he had disappeared without a trace. The Booni police said they have interrogated several people in connection with the disappearance, have widened the investigation and are looking into the case from all angles.]]>

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  1. Dr. Khalil says

    DPO ko hamari bat nahi bholna chaheyaa.. warna hum ………………… … ayenda bat he nahi karain gay .. aor kia kr saktay hain ????
    Jiss nay qatal kia woh yaqeenan bura admi hy ..lakin kia pata jo qatal huwa woh qatil say 1000 goona bura ho …. ous nay aisi hrakat ki ho .. jo hum sab ki brdasht sa baher ho …. ??????? mari humdardi donoon ka sath hay …… kam az km filhal .. ..
    Han aik aor bat, SHO booni mera barkhurdar hy … oska booni ya kuragh k kisi ba asar frd ki parwah krnay ka sawl hi paida nahi hota .. woh itna sar phera larka hy k jughoor ma ya apnay hi ghar ma bhi kisi ki parwa nahi krta .. , agar DPO he nay ayasa kuch krnay ki hidayat de ho to ma kuch nahi keh sakta ..

  2. Basharat says

    Although Chitral Police has arrested the prime accused after fourteen months, still a good step but not the best. The arrest has been made after lodging of an FIR and according to report after DPO’s order. The police has claim to arrest one prime accused, here is a question arise what about the others who were with him. What is the role of others. Why police has not arrested and introgated the them. Those people who were present there on the fatal day must be included in the introgation so all the culprits must be brought to the book. Chitral police must persue these type of criminal cases with great efficiency because Chitral has track record of being most peaceful and if police showed a lackluster approach in handling the criminals, it will udnermine peaceful of Chitral society that is our hall-mark. The district police officer Asif Iqbal sab must keep this in mind.

  3. Imtiaz Booni says

    Such a pathetic and callous police and un-professionalism. the investigating officer of the case and his head all should be punished for lack of interest and vested interest. in chitral, i have never seen any na-maloom afrad committing crime and running away like we have seen i big cities bcoz here people know each other and also know if one has any enmity with someone. here in this case, the young man set out with his two friends on a drive in his vehicle and disappeared. so the two friends should have been held for interrogation. But the police did not bother even to touch them to reach the bottom of the heinous crime. the relatives might have approached some ministers or the dpo in such a long time to order the police to catch the culprits. And the police showed so quickness to arrest them. it meant that the local police were well in the know about the killers and protecting them. Had the dpo not issued instructions, what would have been the fate of the case.

  4. Altaf Ahmad says

    Does the DPO have to issue special instructions to arrest killers? Does it mean if DPO does not issue special instructions police does not move to arrest offenders? What is this?. Can some one explain please.

  5. Hameed Shah says

    This is too bad. Such people should be made an example for killing an innocent young man. Also people of Kuragh specially the educated people should come forward to positively engage with youth and motivate them. Things are bad in every village but Kuragh is worse.

  6. ibrahim khan says

    being muslim and particularly as chitrali we sould avoid ourself kind of brutal activities and hostile mannre.god forbid

  7. Ali Haider says

    We also appeal DPO sb to issue similar direction to Mulkhow Police to constitute a special team to probe the case of a young boy who is also missing from the last year. Due to poverty, ignorance and and absence of grown up male, the family is not in a position to struggle for the case.

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