Rs1 million donation from Canada distributed in Charun-Ovir

relief The campaign was successful due to the sincere efforts of Gul Jee and his family and many individuals judicially contributed for the effectees of the natural calamity. Prominent among those who generously pooled in their resources for the quake-hit people was Feroz Vellani, a resident of Canada. Their contribution in the form of a package consisting of one million rupees reached the village and was distributed among the 127 affected families of Charun Ovir at a local school. The locals thanked the donors, especially Feroz Vellani, for their sincere support. Imam Masjid and Mukhi of Jamat Khana Charun-Ovir also praised teh sincere efforst of Gul Jee, Feroz Vellani and other donors. The locals also expressed their satisfaction over the distribution of the relief package. They expressed the hope that Chitralis living round the world would follow the footsteps of Gul Jee to help rebuild the flood and quake devastated Chitral. Talking to ChitralToday, environment activist Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost said Gul Jee was a flower of Chitral and his heart always beat with the people of his area. He said there are hundreds of other Chitrali flowers who are settled in different parts of the world and their hearts and minds are attached with the soil of Chitral. He expressed the hope that like Gul Jee, the other able sons of Chitral would also pool in their shares for the reconstruction of the calamity-hit Chitral and restore its natural beauty.]]>

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