GADO battling for its survival

The Garam Chashma Area Development Organization (GADO) is a troubled organization battling its survival due to wrong policies of its policymakers. Currently, the organization is controlled by a so-called cabinet consisting of an ex-government teacher and two staff from Pamir School and College. The board is used as a tool to further their agenda. The official vehicle is used by the chairman and its core supporters unnecessarily. letterIt is to be mentioned that last year the Pamir Board had approved a decision banning its three teaching staff as GADO board directors due to its controversial status. However, after the lapse of about six months they are still affiliated with GADO without complying with the board decision. It is an irony that interns of GADO Board are supreme and can fire and hire staff at their sweet will. The Pamir BOG chairman was intimidated by a politico-religious party not to ban and victimize its supporters. It is necessary for Pamir BOG to implement its decision immediately as the board should not lose its image in the public. If still their decision is not respected it should resign as a whole rather than remaining a dummy entity. Muhammad Amin Baloch Garam Chashma]]>