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Why should we appreciate others?

We all must have read or told by our elders to appreciate young children, ever wondered why? Why does a parent appreciate/encourage their child when they try to take their first step and falls? Why do friends encourage each other in times of difficulties; be it studies, sports or relationship issues? Why are there so many metaphors, anecdotes, parablesthat talk about encouraging others? Ever wondered why?? Well, there is something known as ‘Appreciative Inquiry’, which in simplest terms talk about focusing on a person’s positives, and NOT his/her negatives. It focuses on possibilities, not problems. It talks about looking at the flower, not its thrones. Looking at the positive efforts (no matter how small) and not the results all the time. It means encouraging your child to take that first step, even when s/he falls and keep on trying until they learn to walk. I must say that we Chitralis believe and practice it every single day [exceptions excluded 😉 ]. We encourage our children to study and work hard. We don’t miss any opportunity to appreciate people around us, be it our own children, relatives, or community as whole. We celebrate our small wins and by celebrating encourage others to also work hard and achieve their dreams . We Chitralis believe in ”What we focus on becomes our reality” and therefore we focus on Happiness, we focus on Success, we focus on Appreciation & Gratitude, we focus on Celebration, we focus on Unity, we focus on Family, and we focus on ‘Smile’. We don’t and shouldn’t focus on jealousy, negativity, hate, and degradation; and learn to appreciate success of ourselves, our brothers and sisters, relatives, and the Chitrali tribe as a whole!]]>

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