Education minister set to pick Islamiat teacher as DEO education

ISLAMABAD, May 31: The tall claim of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) provincial government about raising the education standards across the country was exposed as its provincial minister is flexing muscles to hand-pick a woman having masters degree in theology as the district education officer (female). Sources privy to the development told ChitralToday that after making Zohra Jalal OSD the provincial government was considering inducting a woman having a masters’ degree in Islamiat as the new DEO (education) female Chitral. When ChitralToday contacted the provincial minister for education Muhammad Atif Khan, he had nothing to say about the removal of Zohra Jalal except saying she belonged to the teaching cadre which forced the department to avail her services in the schools. “We have not demoted her (Zohra Jalal) rather we want her services in the schools which will be of great help as she is a competent officer. We’re going to post her at some school to avail her services [and] there should be no misunderstanding,” he maintained. To a question about another woman who is making all-out efforts to occupy the slot through the backdoor, the minister said no name had yet been finalized as replacement of the former DEO in Chitral. When pressed that he had finalized the name of another lady officer belonging to the same cadre having the blessings of a local PTI leader, Mr Atif said anybody could be posted as DEO – a clear contrast with his earlier statement in which he declared Zohra Jalal was removed for being belonging to teaching cadre. About bringing down the standard of education through political appointments, the minister came with an interesting reply, saying education is not a rocket science for which we could only consider the PhDs – a million dollar question how serious the PTI government is about the quality education in the province. He insisted that the women holding degrees in Islamiat, Urdu, Pashto, and even Persian could also hold the top positions, adding we are into only those who had done masters in English, Political Science, or qualified from foreign universities. When the minister was reminded of his party’s manifesto where quality education always remained on top, he said that people of the area must not worry as the recent reshuffling was a routine exercise and there will be another deserving candidate fully capable to run the affairs of the schools in Chitral.  ]]>

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  1. Well done Nakam chairman PTI, now we understand your education policy, you failed to follow transparency and meritocracy, now an Islamiyat teacher is going to be appointed as EDO education Citral. Shabash Khan and local leadership of PTI we really liked your change and Naya Pakistan.

  2. What is with Islamyat teacher being appointed on the position? You need not underestimate an individual based on his or her qualification in a certain subject. In India the newly elected Education Minister has not even a Bachelor degree however she is competent manager. I hope you will not delete my comments.

  3. Unfortunately, there were malpractices in the education female section. Most of the female teachers were sitting in their houses and drawing salaries. Some influential teachers were posted for more than seven years in same station and many of them were relatives of politicians and agencies who have not been attending their schools or hired their proxies.
    This correspondent recently visited PK-90 areas along with Mr. Sardar Hussain MPA and visited so many schools where most of teachers were found absent and a video report was also released to different TV channels through my News Agency TNN Asia and the issue was also brought into the notice of Mrs Zohra Jalal by recording her interview properly who also admitted that in some cases she was helpless to take action against those teachers who were relative of politicians and some officers whose names could not be mentioned.
    So it is suggested that a non-local officer should be deployed to take action against all defaulters.

  4. Good and excellent move, I really appreciate this! In this fertile land of Chitral there are too many graduates and having excellent leadership skills than lady officer, and secondly no one can claim that a person having Master in Islamiat will not b having leadership qualities, and if its mandatory for the one in leadership position having MA English or Masters in Pure and Applied Sciences than where those having masters in social science or theology will go? This is what a wrong perception and I may say that undue favor for Ms Zuhra Jalal. I haven’t any affiliation with PTI, and here I strongly support the decision, no one can say and claim that having master desgree in islamiat cannot lead. Lets see

  5. First of all I must appreciate the effort of writer and his critical analysis of the most serious issue regarding nepotism and political interruption in the Department of Education (DoE). such nonsense decision can further be cause of poor management, leadership and quality of education. Moreover, for me the concept of the minister for education Muhammad Atif Khan “Education is not a rocket science for which we could only consider the PhDs” I agree with the writer that if you have Minster of Education with such understanding of education, it will be truly rocket science to bring reform and improvement in education sector.

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