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Mountaineer’s dead body recovered after 22 years

The dead body of an American mountaineer who went missing in an expedition in Peru has been found after 22 years.

According to media reports, the body was frozen in snow and intact along with the passport and other belongings of the deceased.

Ryan Cooper and Wesley Waren found the body of Bill Stampfl on June 27 on Mount Huascaran, according to Joseph Stampfl, Bill’s son. 

The dead body was spotted by the two mountaineers while descending Cordillera Blanca, according to the reports. 

In the ice, the body and and the belongings of Stampfl, including his wedding ring, helmet and passport were intact.

Stampfl and two of his fellow climbers and friends, Steve Erskine and Matthew Richardson, were all killed by an avalanche on Mount Huascaran on June 24, 2002, his daughter Jennifer Stampfl told CNN.

Their bodies were never discovered, except for Erskine’s, she said. Stampfl was 58-year-old at the time.

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