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Power project incomplete after seven years

[Picture: Manzoor Ul Mulk]

BOONI: Work on the establishment of a hydel powerhouse near Drasun village of Mulkhow remains incomplete even after about seven years.

The project at Qaqlasht side in front of Drasun was funded by the Khyber Pakthunkhwa government and its contract was awarded to AKRSP. A few months into the work, however, the contractor left the site and the project was stalled.

According to AKRSP, PEDO had awarded to it the design, construction, operation and maintenance of 55 power projects in Chitral.

These 55 projects would cover partial households of 22 union councils and 40 village councils covering a total of 11,605 households in Chitral.

However, most of the projects could not be completed due to non-release of funds by the government even though an 18-month deadline was set for their completion initially.

The KP government also failed to restore the Reshun powerhouse which was destroyed in the 2015 floods. Now over 80pc population of Upper Chitral faces a severe power crisis.

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