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Man shoots three daughters, commits suicide in Sargodha

Police say killer had divorced wife and took home his three minor daughters.

SARGODHA: A man committed suicide after shooting his three minor daughters, police here said on Monday.

The incident occured in the Bhera tehsil of Sargodha. Police said the man had divorced his wife and his three daughters were living with her mother.

The father took the three minor daughters home after taking permission from court and opened fire on them.

He then committed suicide by shooting himself. Local people took the three injured girls to hospital. However, one of them died before reaching hospital. She was 10 years old.

Another injured passed away in hospital while the third was hospitalized in critical condition. 


Lahore incident 

In another incident, a young man shot dead his would-be brother-in-law and his wife and committed suicide in Samanabad area of Lahore.

Police said Nadeem Masih went to meet his fiancee at her parents home and due to a dispute with her family opened fire on his would-be brother-in-law Sarfraz and wife of Sarfraz and killed them.

The fiancee of Nadeem and one of her other brothers were injured. Nadeem then shot himself dead.

Police said the engagement of Nadeem and Sarfraz’s sister Nadia had been solemnized a year ago but later her family refused to get her married to him.

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