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Pakistan Day parade

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Day military parade was held at Shakarparian parade avenue in Islamabad today with the three wings of the armed forces demonstrating their prowess.

Contingents of Pakistan Army, Navy, Pakistan Air Force, Special Services Group, Frontier Corps, Rangers, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police and Gilgit-Baltistan Scouts marched past the dais presenting salute to the chief guest and the guest of honor, Radio Pakistan reported.

Mechanized columns, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, rocket launchers, air defense system, guns, UAVs, short and long range missiles Ra’ad, Nasr, Babur, Shaheen, Ghauri and Ababeel were showcased on the occasion. Engineering corps also presented its state of the art equipment.

The parade culminated with presentation of a special song themed ‘Pochay Jo Naam Koi Tum Pakistan Batana’.

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  1. Nadir Zaman Khan says

    When we will learn to show an educated Pakistan to the world without showing our ability to fight and use arms and weapons. Nations strength is not on making or showing off weapons and in this age science and technology are the weapons for progress and powers of a nation.
    The same day we can see medals and awards being showered on people for their so called bravery without any achievement seen. A look at list of award winners shows our priorities as there are no scientist or researcher who has gotten award for any achievement bcoz we never give priority to research in science and technology.

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