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SIC not entitled to reserved seats: ECP

PTI using the name of SIC in assemblies now stands deprived of about 77 new seats in national and provincial assemblies. Party says will challenges decision.


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan has rejected the request of PTI filed under the banner of Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) for reserved seats in the assemblies.

The ECP had earlier reserved its judgement on the plea which it announced today, rejecting the request for the reserved seats. SIC, meanwhile, said it would challenge the decision.

Under the constitution, political parties are allocated one reserved seat against three general seats it wins in an election. The reserved seats are given to women and minorities in provincial and national assemblies. With the ECP decision, PTI using the name of SIC now stands deprived of about 77 new seats in national and provincial assemblies – 23 in NA and remaining in PAs.

The ECP in a 4:1 decision ruled that SIC was not entitled to the quota of reserved seats of women and minorities. The ECP member from Punjab dissented to the decision, however.

The ECP maintained that SIC was not being allotted the reserved seats “due to having “non curable legal defects and violation of a mandatory provision of submission of party list for reserved seats which is the requirement of law”.

It added: “The seats in the National Assembly shall not remain vacant and will be allotted by proportional representation process of political parties on the basis of seats won by political parties,” the order said.

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