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Heavy snowfall cripples routine life

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BOONI: Routine life has been crippled by the unprecedented snowfall with roads to different areas blocked across Chitral.

Schools in the valley have been closed for a week by the district administration after they reopened following the winter vacations.

The main road connecting Chitral with other parts of the country through the Lowari tunnel has been blocked after its approach roads on Chitral and Dir sides received over three feet of snow.

The district administration of Lower Chitral said that the snowfall stopped at about 11pm on Saturday. It added that as all communication links were blocked, no report received about damages.

According to a statement, Drosh received 26 to 30 inch of snow, Chitral town 12 to 15, Lowari on Chitral side 55 to 60 inch, and Dir side about 40 to 45 inch.

The approach road to the Lowari tunnel on Chitral side has been closed as a safety mrasure. The deputy commissioner of Lower Chitral, Muhammad Imran Khan, was monitoring the snow clearing operation and as soon as the road is reopened the public would be informed. 

Meanwhile, Booni has received about one-and-a-half-foot of snow and other areas including Mastuj and Brep have reported 10 to 15 inch snow.

The heavy snow has restricted mobility and residents of villages in Upper Chitral are without water and electricity and facing shortage of essential items as well. The district administration of Upper Chitral said officials concerned were working to open blocked roads.

Garam Chashma road has been closed to all traffic due to the heavy snow, stranding around 40,000 people and cutting them off from other parts of Chitral. The main road from Chitral town to Mastuj is also blocked at different points.

As the mobile phone service is not working and the road is blocked, there is no word from upper Yarkhun and the border Broghil valley of Upper Chitral.

Some people who reached in Mastuj from Yarkhun Lasht said they faced hardship while travelling from their area on foot. They said all roads were blocked due to heavy snow and avalanches.

In the Kailash valley areas of Bumburate Bairir Raumbur and Shekhandeh, up to two feet of snow has accumulated. Over two feet of snowfall also hit Madaglasht, where avalanches have damaged the road in multiple locations.

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