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Nine killed in house collapse incidents as KP battered by heavy rain/snowfall

rain snowfall in KP Chitral

Irshadullah Khan

PESHAWAR: In the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, incidents of roof collapse during the ongoing heavy rain/snowfall since March 1 have resulted in the loss of nine lives and injuries to 11 individuals.

According to reports from Rescue 1122, the victims included five children, a woman and a man who lost their lives in roof collapse incidents in Peshawar, Lower Dir, Bajaur, Tirah valley and Malakand regions. The ongoing rains and snowfall have also led to the deaths of several animals and financial losses due to roof collapses in various districts.

One such devastating incident occurred in Batkhela and village Aladhand Dheri, where a mother and daughter lost their lives when their house’s roof collapsed, leaving six others injured. In another heart-wrenching event near Batkhela Khatke Cemetery, the roof of a house caved in, trapping Noor Rehman, his wife, and their three daughters under the rubble.

Thanks to the swift response of Rescue 1122 teams, Noor Rehman’s wife and two daughters were rescued and rushed to DHQ Hospital Batkhela in critical condition. Tragically, wife Noor Rahman and their 5-year-old daughter Mah Noor did not survive.

Additionally, in the village of Adha Dhand Dhiri Saro Koto, another roof collapse trapped three women under debris.  The teams of Rescue 1122 rescued these women and shifted them to DHQ hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, all areas of Chitral have received heavy snowfall which continued since yesterday resulting in the closure of roads to different sub-valleys.

The district administration said that rain and snowfall continued and Chitral town had received up to 18 inch of snow by about 8:30am on Saturday, Drosh up to 15 inch snow while on Chitral side of Lowari tunnel up to 55 inch of snow and on Dir side 40 to 45 inch of snow had been recorded.

The district administration of Lower Chitral has already closed the approach road to the Lowari tunnel after heavy snowfall. Moreover, schools in the district were ordered to remain closed on Saturday.  

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