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Chitral receives fresh snowfall, roads open

Lowari tunnel road. Snowfall in Chitral

CHITRAL: Chitral and other areas in Malakand Division received snowfall that added chill to the weather.

About one foot of snow had fallen on approach roads to the Lowari tunnel on both Chitral and Dir sides on Friday morning, the police in Chitral said.

Rain and snowfall continued across the Lowari area but the road to Chitral from Dir sides is open.

The district administration of Lower Chitral said that on the direction of the deputy commissioner, NHA machinery had been put on a standby and snow was being removed from the approach road to the tunnel.

However, passengers were advised to be cautious and use snow chain while driving on the road and avoid night time travel.

The Met Office has forecast heavy rain and snowfall in most parts of the country, including Chitral, till March 2.

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