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Tehsil council opposes agriculture tax in Chitral

Tax exemption if Rs2.2 trillion given by PDM govt

CHITRAL: Tehsil Council Chitral on Friday passed a resolution opposing a plan of the KP revenue department to levy agriculture tax in Chitral. 

The session of the council was chaired by its convener Fakhre Azam and attended by chairmen of all village councils and officials from government departments.

Speaking on the government plan to impose agriculture tax, the members said Chitral is a tax-free zone and local people practiced subsistence farming and lived in poverty. They said the government can think of levying such a tax only after providing the farmers with facilities and concessions. The house passed a unanimous resolution opposing the proposed agriculture tax in Chitral.

Khorkashandeh council’s chairman Shahid Ahmed demanded that the government departments concerned should inform the house about the utilization of disaster funds in the last one year and release the funds for the current year.

Chairman Bumburate Khalilur Rehman complained that work on the construction of an approved scheme of water supply had not yet been started. He was told that funds for the project were yet to be released by the government.

Muhammad Karim, chairman of Susum village council, said that wheat at the grain godown in his area was of very poor quality and not fit for consumption. The district food officer assured him that good quality wheat would be stocked in the godown in 10 days.

Chairman Tehsil Council Shahzada Amanur Rehman said that the presence of government department heads in the council sessions would help resolve public issues.–Muhammad Rahim Baig  

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