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Let’s explore Hindukush Mountain system

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

This chain of mountains is considered to be about 800km long that touches the southern tip of Pamir in the east and the eastern province of Iran in the west with its highest section lying within the borders of Chitral and also touching Wakhan corridor. There are no easy passes between the two valleys i.e. Chitral and Wakhan except a few that open in summers but remain impassable after snowfall in November.

The less high peaks  up to 5000m are scattered all over the region having no significance but those which rise above 5000m matter for climbers from those parts of the world where  peaks of that height do not exist. The peaks above 6000m are real challenge for climbers and require thorough climbing training  under instruction of seasoned climbers.

The high Hindu Kush stretches from Kuhe Baba Tangi to Terich Mir with 7000m and > 6000m peaks. The main valleys where these giants stand are:

  1. Ujnu gol
  2. Ziwar gol
  3. Rosh gol
  4. Udren
  5. Atahk

Surrounded by Terich Mir group of the cluster, this group covers a wide area and has the largest glacier but not the longest. The longest glacier lies in the next valley i.e. Udren valley which extends to 32km, according to a survey made by Jerzy Wala. We shall discuss the confusing spurs and branches of this mountain system from time to time.

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