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American national hunts markhor in third hunt of season

CHIITRAL: In the third trophy hunt of the season, an American national shot down a Kashmir Markhor at the Gahiret-Golen community managed game reserve in Lower Chitral on Sunday.

The Markhor hunted by Robert Myles Hall was approximately eight years old with a horn size of 38 inches. The wildlife division did not mention the fee paid by the hunter under the trophy hunting scheme.

The government always claims that most of the money collected from trophy hunters is given to local communities involved in in preservation of the wildlife and spent on development work by them. However, local people dispute the claim and say they never get the proceeds of the trophy hunting scheme.

Earlier, a Russian national hunted a Kashmir Markhor at Tooshi-Shasha community managed game reserve within the jurisdiction of Kasit village. According to the wildlife division of Chitral, the horn size of that mountain goat was 49 inches.

The Russian hunter, Denis Morozov, had taken a permit from the wildlife department but its local office did not mention the amount he paid under the trophy hunting.

The first hunt of the season was carried out by an American permit holder in December 2023. He had got the permit for trophy hunting from wildlife department at a cost of 212,000 dollars.

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  1. Muhammad Aslam says

    What an ugly picture showing the cruelty of man against helpless animals.

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