A short tribute to Khan


Aqib Ullah (Jangbazar Chitral)

Sometimes, when I sit to think about the life of this person, I feel shocked and surprised. From the outset, the person has been bestowed with the blessings of Allah.

He has seen much success in life; even when he retired from cricket, the president of that time appealed to him to play for Pakistan, and he won the World Cup.

From SRK to other well-known people, they bluntly say that they are fans of Imran Khan. A lady hailing from a royal family left her luxurious life to marry him. He made a hospital for poor people and kept on fighting when his party didn’t use to get a single seat.

And today, for his people, he’s still fighting despite facing brutalities. His house was vandalized, and what was found was a defunct washing machine and a frame of his son’s painting.

Sometimes, it seems weird how a person can be so resilient and simple even after experiencing so much in life. He has made 11 parties bite the dust singlehandedly.

You can be at loggerheads with him over his policies, but denying the fact that he’s loyal to his people is out of the question. Otherwise, he could have done commentary and given reviews on cricket to make billions for himself.

Thank you, boss, for showing us our power.

Thank you, boss, for telling us how to never lose hope.

Thank you, boss, for exposing their dirty politics.

Thank you, boss, for showing us how to be a warrior.

Thank you, boss, for teaching us how to sacrifice for a big cause.

Thank you, boss, for making us conversant with the real powers running this country.

Thank you, boss, for making them lick the dust single-handedly.

Thank you, boss, for perishing dynastic politics. Thank you, boss, for doing us a favor.

Who is going to be prime minister, who’s being brought to power, and who will run this country aren’t our concerns now. You fulfilled what you promised. We will remain indebted to you for good.

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