A postmortem of general elections 2024


Sarwar Kamal

During the election campaign 2024, the most popular and single largest mainstream political party of Pakistan ie PTI having its presence in all over the four provinces, AJK and GB, was denied a level-playing field till the voting day.

Postmortem of general elections 2024. Majority of credible and neutral political commentators were expressing concerns that the nation is moving perhaps towards its most rigged, fixed and most controversial elections ever in its entire political history. The ECP didn’t take any serious action to ensure transparency and credibility of the elections but indeed became a party against PTI and played a biased role to restrict its campaign process as much as possible. Majority of the PTI contesting candidates faced great difficulties to get and submit even their nomination papers.

Politically motivated cases were instituted against them and most of the top leadership were put behind bars to keep them away from the election campaign to discourage their supporters and workers. Illegal raids on houses without search warrants and traumatizing their family members was the order of the day.

Our judiciary on technical grounds, for not holding intra-party election, didn’t allow PTI to use its iconic BAT symbol for the upcoming elections. This decision was a huge setback for our democratic process because millions of voters were disenfranchised to cast their votes. It was a crystal clear case of  fundamental rights, but unfortunately was not addressed, resulting in the denial of the right yo the masses to participate in the  electoral process.

As a citizen everyone should be given the chance to elect their  representative. It is just like giving capital punishment to o someone for violation of a traffic signal. This decision has a great repercussions as far as our democracy is concerned. Both PMLN and PPP are having a very bad eyes on these PTI backed independent members. I am afraid this decision of our judiciary will support horse trading which is against the true spirit of democracy and the sanctity of the votes. But I am optimistic that our judiciary will play its part to stop this dirty game of horse trading. If these PTI-backed candidates become part of any horse trading it would mean they are acting against the will of the voters because they have been given anti-PDM votes and such action will violate the true sprit of  democracy and will be considered a corrupt practice with the mases.

On the voting day, the mobile service and the internet were suspended till late night making the situation even more strange and suspicious. Initially, PTI-backed independent candidates were winning and there was a great possibility that it could enjoy a simple majority in assemblies but suddenly at late night the PML-N started winning along with PPP in Punjab making a very interesting postion. Now we have a hung parliament in the center.

PTI is claiming to secure 167 seats. According to them, they have form no 45 which are not corresponding to  the official form no 45 and there is every possibility that the party will get at least 67 more seats to be in a comfortable positions for making government in the center.

Meanwhile, the US, EU and the UK have expressed concerns about the credibility and transparency of these elections. It seems a rehearsal for forming the PDM-led coalition in the centre. In my humble opinion without a transparent and credible elections there will be lack of stability in the country while the international community has already rejected the credibility and legitimacy of these elections.

There is every possibility Nawaz Sharif as a prime minister or any other PM from this PDM-led coalition government will announce a national amnesty to founding chairman PTI and all those individuals involved in the 9th May  incidents will be released. The main idea behind this act will be to give some credibility and legitimacy to these elections and to create a soft corner in the hearts and minds of the mases.

Postmortem of general elections

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  1. Sarwar Kamal says

    Some giants like Rana Sanaullah,Aamir Muqam,Abid sher Ali,Latif Javed,Jahangir Tareen,Fazlur Rehman,Pervaiz Khattak and leaders like Mehmood Khan were not able to retain there seats.Nawaz Sharif lost from Abbottabad. There is great controversy over his win in his Lahore constituency. According to neutral political commentators he has lost this seat because the official form no 45 is not corresponding his form no 47.In order to save him from embarrassment the results were changed and manipulated in his favour which is a setback for our democracy. According to the form no 45 no votes were casted for parties like PPP,JI ,TLP and MWM which is nonsense and ridiculous. Same is the case with Khawaja Asif in Sialkot.PTI is claiming 67 plus seats on the basis of form no 45.

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