General elections 2024 – a political potpourri


A political landscape that has emerged after almost 98pc poll results are unofficially announced, seems to present a political potpourri. From the poll results it’s evident that the swing of political pendulum is heavily tilted in favour of the independent contestants defying all the calculations done by the seasoned political analysts. All surveys, opinion polls and analysis have come to naught in the end. 

It’s highly encouraging to see that elections are conducted in free, fair and transparent manner with no allegations of rigging  from any party for which the Election Commission of Pakistan and security apparatus, including army, rangers and police who made  peaceful elections possible, deserve huge accolade. 
Manifestly, no political party has been able to obtain clear majority in the NA polls. Those who were dreaming to sweep the polls have met with sheer disappointment and their long-cherished dreams have been badly shattered. The imaginary castle they were building has crumbled down like house of cards. The lavish hopes which people were pinning on the general elections with the belief that after the elections situation will turn for the better and the country would witness political stability, seems to be gradually waning as the likely coalition government that is expected to be formed in the center in the absence of an absolute majority for a single party, will find it extremely hard to deliver, thus bringing a  possible wave of fresh uncertainty and disillusionment among the public.
However, in such a murky political scenario, nation expects the political leadership across the political spectrum to join hands, stand united, iron out mutual differences amicably and adopt the path of reconciliation ditching the confrontationist approach that has hit hard at the roots of national unity and solidarity. This is the only way that can help bring stability and steer the country out of the deep economic and political morass. 
If political history of our beloved country can be any guide, the country has suffered a lot due to unnecessary political polarization, rigidity of stance and recalcitrant approach adopted by different political parties.
Despite the split mandate garnered by different political parties with no single party standing out  with even a simple majority, it’s hoped that this unique blend of diverse political elements will be turned into a perfect political symphony in the larger interest of the country as political polarization is no more an option. 
With the elections coming to a peaceful end and bringing an end to the long-lasting election uncertainty, it was expected that the election fever will subside as soon as the polls are held, but conversely, the intensity of the fever that has been gripping the nation for the past few months is still continuing unabated and is yet to come to normal. Party supporters are seen on the roads in droves chanting slogans in favour of their respective parties and brandishing victory signs. It’s hoped that heads of political parties will see reason and instruct their political workers to calm down and end this kind of futile activity which, if unchecked, may lead to violence.
As for the security arrangements done by the army, paramilitary forces and police that has made a peaceful conduct of polls possible with no untoward incidents happening, it undoubtedly remains  unprecedented in the election history of Pakistan. Gun salute to security establishment  of the country for having made it possible.
Lastly, it’s earnestly hoped that our political leadership will exhibit maturity, magnanimity and political insight. Reconciliation and friendly overtures are the need of the hour. Politicians are expected to tone down their undesirable tone and tenor of political rhetoric unworthy of great leaders so as to bring down the ever rising political  temperature that has almost reached the boiling point, and think in terms of supreme national interest rising above petty political considerations and personal interests. Therein lies our honor, dignity and even survival as a great nation.
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  1. Sarwar Kamal says

    I don’t know on what basis we are saying that these elections were free and transparent???. The United States, EU and GB have already discredited these elections. The largest mainstream political party is holding a peaceful protest against rigging country wide today.In there opinion they will grab 65 plus seats because the form no 45 is not corresponding the form no 47.We Know how the results of Nawaz Sharif were manipulated and changed in his favour in Lahore.Anyone can see the form 47 of this constituency. According to this form no 47 parties like PPP,JI,TLP,and MWM didn’t get even a single vote which is ridiculous and nonsense. Any modicum of Common sense will regect this joke.Same is case with Khawaja Asif constituency in Sialkot.I am afraid there will be stability in this country if the true spirit of the decomocracy and sanctity of the votes will be violated and compromised.

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