PTI-backed candidates make clean sweep in Chitral


CHITRAL: The PTI-affiliated candidates won all the three seats of NA-1, PK-1 and PK-2, clean sweeping in Chitral with a big margin. 

According to results 2024 announced by Election Commission, PTI-affiliated Abdul Latif won NA-1 with 61,834 votes and JUI-F’s Talha Mahmood remained second with 42,897 votes. This is the record highest number of votes bagged by any candidate in the electoral history of Chitral.

Other candidates were: Fazle Rabi (PPP)  23,723 votes, Shahzada Iftikharuddin (PML-N) 20,007 votes, Molana Abdul Akbar (JI) 9,253, Khadija Bibi (ANP) 2,411, Mukhtar Nabi (ind) 614, Maimoona Shah (ind) 532 and Asadur Rehman (ind) 493 votes.

NA-1 Chitral election results 2024Total number of votes in NA-1 were 313,550. Of these, 116,808 votes were polled with the turnout remaining at 53.2 percent. As many as 4,755 votes were rejected.

PK-1 Upper Chitral

PTI-backed Suriya Bibi won PK-1 Upper Chitral with 18,954 votes.

Other candidates for the seat were: Shakil Ahmed of JUI-F 10,533 votes, Siraj Ali Khan of PPP 9,281 votes, Javed Ahmed of JI 9,208 votes, Ghulam Muhammad of PTI-P 8,438 votes, Muhammad Wazir, 2,695 votes, Mukhtar Nabi, independent, 938 votes and Rehmat Karim Baig, independent, 400 votes.

Total number of votes in PK-1 was 130,189 out of which 65,722 were cast with the turnout of 50.48 percent. As many as 1,609 votes were rejected. There were 130,189 total registered votes out of which 65,722 were cast with the turnout of 50.48 percent. As many as 1,609 votes were rejected.

PK-2 Lower Chitral

Fatehul Mulk Ali Nasir won PK-2 Lower Chitral with 28,510 votes while Salim Khan of PPP remained second with 22,995 votes. Other candidates were: Faiz Muhammad Maqsood, JUI-F 19,882 votes, Maghfirat Shah of JI, 13,243 votes and Shahzada Khalid Pervez of PTI-P, 12,767 votes.

The total number of registered votes in the constituency were 183,361 of which 101,675 were polled with a turnout of 55.45 per cent. As many as 3, 223 votes were rejected.

According to ECP, Chitral has 313,550 registered voters in 2024. Elections were conducted for one National Assembly and two Provincial Assembly seats of Chitral. Polling was held in 172 polling stations in Lower Chitral and 140 polling stations in Upper Chitral.


The candidates for NA-1 Chitral Upper-cum-Lower were: Abdul Latif of PTI, Iftikharuddin of PML-N, Abdul Akbar (JI), Talha Mahmood (JUI-F), Fazle Rabi of PPPP, Khadija Bibi of ANP, Asadur Rehman (ind), Syeda Maimoona Shah (ind), Mukhtar Nabi (ind) and Muhammad Javed Khan (ind).

The candidates for the two provincial assembly seats PK-1 and PK-2 were: PTI’s Suriya Bibi (ind), Ghulam Muhammad of PTI-P, Siraj Ali Khan of PPP, Naveed Sultan, independent, PTI’s Fatehul Mulk (PTI), Khalid Pervez of PTI-P, Salim Khan of PPP and others.

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