I want to change destiny of Chitral: Talha Mahmood


Gul Hamad Farooqui

CHITRAL: Due to the negligence of past rulers and elected representatives, the people of Chitral are still forced to live a stone age life.

“The roads here are not fit for human being, people are deprived of their basic rights. If I get a chance, I will change the map of Chitral.”

These views were expressed by Senator Mohammad Talha Mahmood, who is candidate for the National Assembly seat NA-1 on the ticket of Jamiat Ulema-e- Islam (JUI-F). Mahmood belongs to Haripur district of Khyber Pakthunkhwa.

He was visiting different areas of Upper Chitral’s Torkhow valley where he addressed public gatherings.

Haji Shakeel, the candidate of provincial assembly constituency PK-1, former Amir Sher Karim Shah and other members of JUI were also present with him.

Senator Mahmood said  when he travelled to Upper Chitral, it seemed that the people here were still forced to live in the stone age.

He said there is no electricity, no potable clean drinking water and no good roads. It takes several hours to cover a few kilometers on this road and the vehicle also gets so dirty that it is unrecognizable. He said that Chitral is a tourist area where nature has created a lot but unfortunately due to the negligence of representatives elected from here in the past the rulers have shown criminal negligence and ignored it.

“My welfare organization has already been working  in Chitral, during natural calamities to help the victims.” 

He said that some people criticize him that I had distributed relief goods in Chitral in paste so that I can contest election from here and succeed, but my welfare organization also works in Afghanistan, Palestine, Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

Senator Mahmood said that after the success in the recent elections, he intends to open two hundred handicraft centers for women in Chitral besides building roads, bridges and roads. 

PPP  leader Nusrat Bhutto had contested election from Chitral and won. “I will not go anywhere from Chitral, I have bought my own house in Joghur and also opened the office of my welfare trust here.”

He urged the people to elect a right and honest representative for their rights so that he doesn’t get only his salary by sitting in the assembly and doesn’t do anything other than playing discs.

On this occasion,  Amir JUI Upper Chitral Molvi Sher Karim Shah and other leaders also criticized the elected past representatives of Chitral.

He said that Prince Iftharuddin, Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali were elected as members of the National Assembly twice, but they did nothing for Chitral.

While Criticizing Abdul Akbar Chitrali, Molvi Shah said that he spent five years in the assembly and took his salary, but after taking the votes did not return to this area to know about issues of people but after the dissolution of the assembly, he pasted his name on signboards while inaugurating some roads construction on work was yet to be started.

Former MPA Hidayatur Rehman was not allowed to come to the public meetings because his performance as a member of the provincial assembly for five years was also very disappointing.

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