Chitral Day celebrations begin in Peshawar


Irshad ullah Khan

PESHAWAR: The celebration of Chitral Day 2024 started in Peshawar on Saturday with the opening ceremony held at the Qayyum Stadium. 

Organizers said the day was being celebrated after a long time. During the celebrations, there will be competitions in volleyball, football, cerum board tug-of-war, naat khwani, recitation and poetry. 

The participating teams performed a play march at the opening ceremony in which students from School of Knowledge presented a welcoming march with flowers in their hands.

One of the organizers, Umair khalilullah, said the main purpose of celebrating Chitral Day was to engage the young in positive activities so that on one hand they remain mentally and physically healthy and on the other they can also be protected from drugs and other negative activities.

“Our message through this event is to understand the importance of culture as culture makes people understand each other better. So this type of event is vital for development of a progressive society,” he added.

At the end of the event, prizes would be distributed among the winners of different games and competitions.

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