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PML-N releases list of candidates

PESHAWAR: The PML-N on Saturday released the lists of its candidates in Khyber Pakthunkhwa province for the elections 2024.

The party has fielded Iftikharuddin in NA-I Chitral constituency, Amir Muqam in NA-2 Swat-I, Wajid Ali Khan in NA-3 Swat-II, Mohammad Nisar Khan in NA-5 Upper Dir, Roohullah Khan in NA-6 Lower Dir-I, Yasir Khan in NA-7 Lower Dir-II, Shahabuddin Khan in NA-VIII Bajaur, Sajjad Ahmad in NA-9 Malakand, Salar Khan in NA-10 Buner, Amir Muqam in NA-11 Shangla, Sardar Mohammad Yousaf in NA-14 Mansehra, Nawaz Sharif in NA-15 Mansehra-cum-Torghar.

Javed Abbasi is the candidate in NA-16 Abbottabad-I, Mohabbat Khan in NA-17 Abbottabad-II, Babar Nawaz Khan in NA-18 Haripur , Mohammad Sheraz in NA-19 Swabi-I, Afsar Ali Khan in NA-20 Swabi-II, Jamshed Khan in NA-21 Mardan-I, Mumtaz Ali Khan in NA-23 Mardan-III, Farah Khan in NA-24 Charsadda-I, Ihsanullah Khan for NA-25 Charsadda-II, Zar Khan for NA-26 Mohmand, Shah Jee Gul Afridi in NA-27 Khyber, Arbab Khizar Hayat Khan in NA-28 Peshawar-I, Sobia Shahid in NA-29 Peshawar-II, Raees Khan in NA-30 Peshawar-III, Sobia Shahid in NA-31 Peshawar-IV, Sher Rahman in NA-32 Peshawar-V, Ikhtiar Wali in NA-33 Nowshera-I, Mohammad Kashif in NA-34 Nowshera-II, Abbas Khan Afridi in NA-35 Kohat, Alhaj Mohammad Farid Mufakkar in NA-36 Hangu-cum-Orakzai, Mohammadullah in NA-37 Kurram, Akhlaq Yunus in NA-38 Karak, Ghaniur Rehman in NA-39 Bannu, Mohammad Nazir Khan in NA-40 North Waziristan, Mansoor Kamal Marwat in NA-41 Lakki Marwat, Ghalib Khan in NA-42 South Waziristan Upper-cum-South Waziristan (Lower) and Mohammad Akbar Khan in NA-43 Tank-cum-Dera Ismail Khan.

The PML-N fielded Sheraz Hassan in PK-62 Charsadda-I constituency, Asad Khan in PK-63 Charsadda-II, Fawad Ihsan in PK-64 Charsadda-III, Farah Khan in PK-65 Charsadda-IV, Farah Khan in PK-66 Charsadda-V, Hayatullah Khan in PK-67 Mohmand-I, Baghi Jan Khan in PK-68 Mohmand-II, Shafiq Afridi in PK-69 Khyber-I, Bilawal Afridi in PK-70 Khyber-II, Sohail Ahmad in PK-71 Khyber-III, Azmat Khan in PK-72 Peshawar-I, Arbab Afzal Akbar in PK-74 Peshawar-III, Arbab Ghulam Farooq in PK-75 Peshawar-IV, Sobia Shahid in PK-76 Peshawar-V, Sajid Raza in PK-77 Peshawar-VI, Zahir Khan in PK-78 Peshawar-VII, Jalal Khan in PK-79 Peshawar-VIII, Syed Haider Shah in PK-80 Peshawar-IX, Waqas Biland in PK-81 Peshawar-X, Mohammad Nadeem in PK-82 Peshawar-XI, Hazrat Bilal in PK-83 Peshawar-XII and Sher Rahman in PK-84 Peshawar-XIII.

The other nominees are Liaquat Wali for PK-85 Nowshera-I, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah for PK-86 Nowshera-II, Saeed Zaman for PK-87 Nowshera-III, Ikhtiar Wali for PK-88 Nowshera-IV, Mohammad Alam Sharif for PK-89 Nowshera-V, Mohammad Riaz Khan for PK-90 Kohat-I, Abbas Khan Afridi for PK-91 Kohat-II, Habibullah for PK-92 Kohat-III, Qari Wajeed Rehman for PK-93 Hangu, Baserat Khan for PK-94 Orakzai, Mohammad Ali Khan Orakzai for PK-95 Kurram-I, Asilur Rehman for PK-97 Karak-I, Shakirullah for PK-98 Karak-II, Ghaniur Rehman for PK-99 Bannu-I, Rasool Nawaz Sadiq for PK-101 Bannu-III, Sami Ullah Shah for PK-102 Bannu-IV, Safdar Zaman for PK-104 North Waziristan-II, Mansoor Kamal Marwat for PK-105 Lakki Marwat-I, Mohammad Mamoon for PK-106 Lakki Marwat-II, Mati Ullah for PK-107 Lakki Marwat-III , Janzeba Azam for PK-108 Tank, Yar Mohammad for PK-109 South Waziristan Upper, Mohammad Kashif for PK-110 South Waziristan Lower, Mohammad Ali Raza for PK-111 Dera Ismail Khan-I, Sirhaan Ahmed Khan for PK-112 Dera Ismail Khan-II and Rehan Malik for PK-113 Dera Ismail Khan-III.

As for the PTI’s candidates for provincial assembly seats, they include former ministers and lawmakers, seven lawyers and six women.

Noted among them are PTI provincial president Ali Amin Gandapur from Dera Ismail Khan, Shaukat Yousafzai from Shangla, and Mehmood Jan, Taimur Jhagra and Kamran Bangash from Peshawar.

The women fielded in electoral arena include Surraya Bibi (PK-I Upper Chitral), Tehmina Faheem (PK-31 Upper Kohistan), Momina Basit (PK-33 Kolai-Palas Kohistan), Shakeela Rabbani (PK-41 Torghar), Naureen Arif (PK-81 Peshawar) and Roshan Bibi (PK-115 Dera Ismail Khan).

Some new faces have entered electoral politics. They include lawyers Ali Zaman (PK-73 Peshawar) and Shahab Khan (PK-75 Peshawar). They are members of the PTI’s Insaf Lawyers Forum and are pursuing party cases in courts of law.

The other lawyers who got the former ruling party’s tickets are Ali Shah (PK-4 Swat), Kabeer Khan (PK-27 Buner), Munir Lughmani (PK-36 Mansehra) and Ehtisham Khan (PK-61 Mardan).

The other new faces introduced in Peshawar include Samiullah (PK-76 Peshawar), Hameedul Haq (PK-80 Peshawar) and Meena Khan Afridi (PK-83 Peshawar).

PTI provincial president Ali Amin Gandapur and his brother, Failsal Amin Gandapur, were named as candidates for Dera Ismail Khan’s PK-112 and PK-113 constituencies.

Aqibullah, the brother of former speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser, will contest election in PK-50 Swabi-II. The PTI has allottedNA-19 Swabi-Iticket to Mr Qaiser.

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1 Comment
  1. Liaquat Ali Khan says

    Demands to be put before NA-1 candidates.
    1. Roads Lowari tunnel to Shandur Broghel Durah Pass Madaklasht Arandu Lot Ovir to Terich RECH & to Kalash valleys.
    2. Electricity at 50% subskdized rate.
    3. Food nutrient to be made available at all sales points
    4. Prospecting License of Mines & Minerals of Chitral to be granted to all present applicants of Chitral
    5. Appointments to posts upto 16 grades from Chitral & above on open merit. Merit should honestly be MERIT.
    6. ARANDU border Sha salim & BROGHEL borders to opened for trade.
    7. Ban on cutting of forest for 10 years with selective cutting.
    8. Mass a forestation.
    9. Rehabilitation of flood affected families land orchard irrigation heads & channelization with protection bunds.
    10. Realignment of roads in Chitral.
    11. Cadet college Chitral
    12. PIA flights daily.
    13. Friendly atmosphere for tourists in Chitral

    Liaquat Khan, CDM.

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