Kalash observe final ritual of winter festival


CHITRAL: Autik, the final ritual of the Chitirmas winter festival of Kalash community, started on Monday evening with people having confined themselves to their homes till the concluding day on Dec 22.

Shaira, a former councillor, said the ritual made the Kalash untouchables for Muslims and other communities, and Kalash villages were declared no-go areas for others from Dec 19 to 22.

She said the Kalash volunteers of both sex went to seclusion in corrals, where they stayed for four days and came out during the concluding ceremony.

She added that those going to seclusion slaughtered goats and devoured them inside the corrals and consumed local wine abundantly.

Meanwhile, the Chitral police have beefed up security for all the three valleys so the minorities could perform their rituals without any hassle.

Subdivisional police officer Ayun Hassanullah said special squads had been deployed around the three valleys.-Dawn

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