Ban imposed on unauthorized interviewing of Kalash people


PESHAWAR (APP): The deputy commissioner and district magistrate Lower Chitral has imposed Section 144 in the district from December 16 to 22 and banned unauthorized media interviewing of local community in Kalash valleys during their festival Chitirmas (Chomus).

The festival would be celebrated in the three Kalash valleys of Bumborate, Rumboor and Birir from December 16 to 22. Moreover, a ban has also been imposed on display of arms.

A large number of tourists are expected to visit the valleys and to ensure the security of the Kalash community during the celebration of their religious festival and visitors, the ban would remain in force till December 22.

The DC said there would be a ban on the display of arms of all types and unauthorized media interviews from the locals during the Chitirmas festival in the three valleys.

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