Attack on bus on KKH leaves nine dead


ISLAMABAD: At least nine persons were killed and 21 others injured in an attack on a passenger bus coming to Rawalpindi from Gilgit-Baltistan at about 6:30pm on Saturday.

The bus (BLN 4647) operated by K2 Trekkers was coming from Ghizer to Rawalpindi when it came under attack at Hodur area on Karakorum Highway near Chilas by unidentified gunmen.

As a result, the bus collided with a truck and caught fire.  According to reports, the dead also included the truck driver. 

Diamer DC Captain (Rtd) Arif Ahmad confirmed the incident to, adding that the incident occurred at 6:30pm in the Hudur area of Chilas.

“An unfortunate incident occurred in which a cowardly act was done, targeting a bus which set off from Gahkuch in Ghizer,” the DC said. He said the bus was fired at due to which it suffered an accident with an oncoming truck.

The official said that five bodies were identified so far while three remained to be determined.

“Most of the people belong to all of Pakistan, including Kohistan, Peshawar, Ghizer, Chilas, Roundu, Skardu, Mansehra, Swabi and one or two people from Sindh.”

DC Ahmad said two Pakistan Army soldiers were also martyred in the “cowardly act” while one personnel of the Special Protection Unit was injured as well.

Diamer Superintendent of Police Sardar Shehryar said the first responders on the scene were police officers who moved the dead and the injured, adding that the truck which had collided with the bus was also on fire and its driver killed.

“The rest of the cars there were secured and moved from there in the form of a convoy,” he said, adding that the location was secured as well to collect evidence.

Passenger buses have often been attacked on the KKH in the past leading to its closure and deployment of troops for safety of passengers. All these attacks were carried out by militants on sectarian basis. 

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