Female doctor arrested in boy’s suicide case


CHITRAL: A female doctor has been arrested in connection with the suicide of a teenage boy in the Jughore village of Lower Chitral.

According to Chitral Fast News, the arrest was made after the City police registered a case against the doctor under section 322 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) on the complaint of the deceased’s father.

The father told the police that the lady doctor, who lives in his neighborhood, called his son to her house a day earlier and allegedly tortured him mentally, leading to his extreme step to kill himself.

Section 322 states, “Whoever, without any intention to cause death of, or cause harm to, any person, does any unlawful act which becomes a cause for the death of another person, is said to commit Qatl-bis-Sabab and liable liable to Diyat.”

The deceased was identified as Rashid Ahmed, son of Suleman, resident of Rizandeh, Jughore. He committed suicide by hanging himself in Jughore village on Wednesday. The deceased was a first-year student at a local college. 

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  1. Al Arslan says

    This is an insanely act. Villagers say this down district woman has been running a private maternity hospital and has keeping many girls as adopted daughters.
    It’s said she had so much harassed the unlucky college boy to marry one of the girls that the boy mentally succumbed to her witchy wrath.

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