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Look to future more than to past for better Chitral

Prof Rahmat Karim Baig Chitral

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

Our Chitrali society is a conglomeration of tribes of various sizes. Some are in thousands while others are in dozens. Their past of the recent generations is not far away so some grievances do exist. 

The solution to this complication is good education which can erase but gradually the traces of the bitter impressions of the past and availability of equal opportunities to the present young generation will dilute many of the bad things with the passage of time. Time is a great healer. Because we all experience that even after the death of a relative or friend or even a parent their memory gets dimmer and dimmer and the social and environmental changes erase the memories of those who have passed away and we are once again as materialistic as if the memory of the dear one goes to a distant nook of the brain from where it seldom surfaces.

The values, I mean all the good values of the past cannot be brought back in this running social current explosion of population and many new inventions have changed the human behavior completely. The present young generation fails to understand the values of the past. They have focused on new ways and arenas of technology and thinking of unsolved problems or those problems which have not yet bothered us but our children do like to molest them to get something solid. Life is a process of experiments and all of us know about that since the time of our grand fathers. They were also great experimentalists.

The intelligent students or rather those whom we call or consider genius are far advanced. They have begun thinking of things that were never imagined by us or our intelligent contemporaries. The age runs fast or the students make it run faster and getting creative, gain hints from nature or from the members of the society around them and then turn them upside down to see the result or mix them in some other way to get another result of their thinking.

 Failure is a part of human activity. One failure does not make the actor to give up but spurs him to use other ways and this experiment goes and keeps student busy.  This type of involvement with modern technology and gadgets leads to other theories in various fields. Education – all the disciplines of education – do sharpen our minds even a child of low I.Q. Gets better position if kept in the circle of sharp students.

You know many males or females who cannot speak (dumb) but quite expert in many disciplines and skillful and make many things much better than others who can speak. The society makes them and sheds its impacts and we have to work for organizing smaller groups of communities with specific objectives to compete, with strict rules but Chitralis don’t like working in groups are work unitedly to achieve a goal. This aspect of our culture has to be attended to for a better future.

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