Young man shot dead over land dispute


MASTUJ: A man shot dead his cousin over a land dispute in Sorlaspur village of Upper Chitral on Monday, local police said.

They identified the deceased as Niat Wali, whose body was shifted to Booni for a postmortem. 

According to the police, Gohar Aman, son of Bulbul, along with his sons Zia and Faizi opened fire on Niat Wali with a 12-bore gun, killing Niat and injuring Wali Muhammad. 

The families of Gohar and Niat, both cousins, had a dispute over a piece of land for years.

Gohar and his mother were injured after being pelted with stones by their rivals. The injured were shifted to hospital in Mastuj.

The police took the dead body in custody and shifted it to Booni for a postmortem.

Police later arrested Gohar Aman and his son Zia after registering a murder case against them.

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