I will persuade Asifa to contest election from Chitral: Bilawal


CHITRAL: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari here on Wednesday said he will put the demand of the people of Chitral before his sister Asifa Bhutto to contest election from Chitral in the next general elections.

“As the demand has come from the people of Chitral, I will put it before Asifa and persuade her to run for the seat of her (maternal) grandfather,” he told a workers’ convention at the Parade Ground in Chitral town.

The PPP in the past had fielded former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s wife Nusrat Bhutto and Pyar Ali Allana from Karachi on the National Assembly seat of Chitral.

Though the PPP has lost Chitral as its traditional stronghold, its local supporters are still of the opinion that the party has no local suitable candidate and Bilawal’s sister could be the best choice for the seat.

Bilawal today said that the people of Chitral had been supporting the PPP for three generations and the party also gave them their rights.

The PPP chairman on the occasion  made a number of promises for Chitral in case he was voted to power in the general elections expected to be held in February 2024.

He said the PPP, after coming to power, would not only restore the subsidized rate of wheat but would make it a permanent facility for the people of Chitral. Moreover, former FATA and PATA areas would be declared permanently tax-free zones.

Besides, establishing hospitals, Upper and Lower Chitral would also have separate universities, he added.

He said Chitral was second in KP province in terms of literary rate, but most of its youth were unemployed due to lack of job opportunities.

Bilawal on the occasion criticized the PML-N and the PTI and said their leaders should retire from politics as they are incapable of thinking for the future and put the country on track of progress.

“What was his age when Nawaz Sharif was made the chief minister of Punjab, and how old was Molana Fazal when he entered politics,” said Bilawal.

He said when they come to power, these politicians get involved in politics of vendetta and the resultant burden has to be shouldered by the masses.

He asked them to retire, sit at home and pray for the country and the youth of Pakistan.

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  1. Sabir Ahmad says

    What nonsense! No body among spineless dummies attending the jalsa could ask him why did his last government divert Lowari tunnel funds to Multan and Gujar Khan from where his then prime ministers belonged. He is promising obnoxiously ridiculous promises which only bloody fools would believe. PPP has done it’s rounds in destroying Pakistan and has now rotted to capitulation. Bilawal sahib is trying to flog a dead horse.

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