Vintage car rally rolls through Peshawar

Vintage car rally rolls through Peshawar

Irshadullah Khan

PESHAWAR: A vintage and classic car rally kicked off in Peshawar, showcasing 51 iconic vehicles from the 1930s to the 1970s.

The rally commenced on November 12 in Karachi, making its way through Lahore and Islamabad before reaching the historic Balahisar Fort in Peshawar. Enthusiasts gathered at the fort Balahisar to witness the magnificent display of vintage cars, expressing gratitude to the Pakistan army and Frontier Corps North for their support.

The event has become a highlight for car aficionados, drawing attention to the rich history of automobiles.

Organizers and participating car owners lauded the reception at fort Balahisar, emphasizing the significance of showcasing historical vehicles in this iconic setting. The rally is set to culminate on November 19 at the Services Club in Peshawar, promising a grand finale for attendees.

The car rally has become an annual tradition, gaining momentum each year. This edition features renowned brands such as Mercedes, Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, Mini and Volkswagen, creating a nostalgic journey through automotive history.

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