Chitral attack not sanctioned by Afghan govt: FM

Around 200 TTP attackers on Chitral arrested by Taliban: FM

ISLAMABAD: At least 200 terrorists of the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have been arrested by the interim government of Taliban in Afghanistan following their infiltration into Chitral earlier this month.

On Sept 6, around 300 TTP terrorists attacked security forces checkposts in Chitral’s Astoi and Jinjiret Kuh mountains. 

Five personnel of Chitral Scouts were martyred while the forces killed seven of the attackers and beat them back to Afghanistan. 

Pakistan condemned the attack and called upon the Taliban government to punish the terrorists and do not allow them to use its soil for attack on Pakistan.

A few days ago Voice of America while citing its sources in Pakistan reported that around 209 TTP fighters who took part in Chitral attack have been arrested.

Today, Pakistani caretaker foreign minister Jalil Abbas Jilani confirmed the arrest of the TTP terrorists by the Taliban regime.

Addressing a press conference on Sept 28 after his return from New York, the minister said the interim Afghan government had informed Pakistan about the arrests.

He said the government will not demand their handover if they are Afghan nationals, “but Islamabad wants  action against them”.

He expressed the hope that the Afghan government will respect its commitment made to the international community and not allow the use of its soil for terrorist attacks against any country.

It was the responsibility of the Afghan government to stop any such attacks and act against terrorists operating from its soil, he added.

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  1. They should have been eliminated by our mighty armed forces which are one of the best in the world. Why leave 200 rag tag attackers to be dealt by the Taliban. Strange as it seems!

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