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Awi Shoghore residents say allegations against Shahzada Haider baseless

Picture: Muhkam Uddin

CHITRAL: Elders of Awi Shaoghore area and civil society have rejected the allegations against Medical Superintendent Chitral District Headquarters Shahzada Haider-ul-Mulk and termed it an attempt to disrupt peace in the area.

Speaking at a presser here, Noor Ahmad Khan, Shahzada Muhammad Arham-ul-Mulk, Maulana Adina Khan, Takbeer Khan, Abdul Jalil, and others said Awi Shoghore was a peaceful area, with 99% of the land owned by Haider-ul-Mulk and his brothers.

They mentioned that Haider-ul-Mulk used to collect rent from goat owners for grazing in his land, which was a mutually agreed-upon contract with the area residents.

When the residents decided to terminate the contract, the court cancelled that agreement, they said.

“Those who organised press conferences against the court’s decision and attempted to disturb peace in the region should face legal consequences,” said one of the speakers.

They also added that the recent flooding in the area has caused a 90% loss to Haider-ul-Mulk. They criticised those holding the press conference about the transfer of Prince Haider-ul-Mulk.

They expressed their confidence in the MS, who they said is responsible for daily cleanliness, medical care, staff attendance, and the maintenance of medical equipment at District Headquarters Hospital, Chitral. 

They demanded that those who had held the press conference against the MS should apologise through another press conference.



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