Chitral's population registers 68400 increase in 2023

Chitral’s population shows increase of 68,400 only

CHITRAL: The population of both the Upper and Lower Chitral districts has increased by only 68,400 people as per the results of the population census 2023۔ 

This means there won’t be the second provincial assembly constituency in the region as people were expecting after the delimitations for the forthcoming general elections.

As per the results of the recent census, the Lower Chitral district has population of 320,407 people and that of Upper Chitral has 195,528 people.

A former official of the Election Commission of Pakistan requesting anonymity said that given the total population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa standing at 40,856,097 people and the 99 general seats in the provincial assembly, the strength of population for one constituency was calculated at 412,688 people.

He said for Upper Chitral district, the index would be 0.4 when dividing its population by the figure of 412,688. It showed that the district would have no constituency and it would be merged with the Lower Chitral district, which is its next district.

The ECP official added that Upper Chitral district was short of 10,816 souls to qualify for a separate constituency, while Lower Chitral’s index was 0.7, thus qualifying it for a separate constituency.

He said Upper Chitral would be merged with it making its nomenclature as PK-1 Upper Chitral-cum-Lower Chitral.

He said for National Assembly constituency, the area of Chitral, consisting of two districts did barely qualify to have a separate constituency (NA-1 Chitral) as its index stood at 0.58.



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