Culture policy framework seminar at Islamabad

Experts give input for draft cultural narrative

ISLAMABAD: A consultative workshop on the national cultural narrative was convened at the National Library in Islamabad. 

According to a press release, the collaborative event was jointly organized by the National Culture and Heritage Division, Hashoo Foundation and Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad to seek inputs relevant stakeholders and foster collaboration among professionals from various fields. 

The desired result is a cultural policy framework that the provinces can readily implement for their further development and social harmony. 

Senator Sehar Kamran commended the collaborative efforts, highlighting how this event marks a significant milestone in preserving and promoting Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage, as a National Cultural Narrative for the year 2023’.

Raheela Durrani, the first woman dpeaker of Balochistan Assembly, appreciated the much needed and timely initiative especially for Balochistan that has such a uniquely rich cultural identity.  

Fareena Mazhar, Secretary National Culture and Heritage Division, said, “we reinforce our commitment to safeguarding our nation’s heritage, empowering future generations to cherish our unique past”.

Ayesha Khan, Country Director Hashoo Foundation, explained the role of the cultural economy in the cultural policy framework and the need to make that a core policy directive. 

She explained how that would enable people to celebrate their cultural heritage and identity while earning their livelihoods.  

Dr. Salma Malik from the Defense and Strategic Studies Department, Quaid-e-Azam University, said, “in forging a collective cultural narrative, we underscore the essence of resilience, honoring the valor of our past while envisioning a brighter future.”

The input from the session will be incorporated into the draft document ‘National Cultural Narrative of Pakistan-2023’.

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