ChitralToday report about sacked AKES official based on facts: court

An unsolicited labour court verdict

CHITRAL: The labour court held a camp court in Chitral on July 21, in which it fined employers for allegedly paying ‘insufficient’ wages to the employees.

When Chitral News approached the affected employers and interviewed the employees belonging to hotels, restaurants, shops, petrol pumps etc, both sides said none of them had lodged any complaint and this bolt from the blue had come as a nasty surprise to them.

The employers said they are not only paying the employees to the later’s satisfaction but are also providing residence and three time free meals and the employees are more than satisfied about it, but the labor court did not consider such additional benefits into any account and said it was social service, and decided to punish the employers for providing social service to the employees..

To add insult to injury, the labor court held camp court for one day at Chitral and dished out fines lavishly, but said if any one wants to appeal against the court fines they should go to Swat and file a case in the court there, which literally meant it was a near to impracticable feat.

The governance in Pakistan is becoming scary by the day and every department seems to have gone off the leash and working on their own without considering any fear of redressal of grievance of the people.


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