Pakistan's passport fourth worst in world

Pakistan’s passport fourth worst in the world

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s passport has been ranked as fourth worst in the world by an international ranker, Henley Passport Index.

According to its ranking for the year 2023, Pakistani citizens can only enter 33 countries without a visa in advance.

Singapore is now officially the most powerful passport in the world, with its citizens able to visit 192 travel destinations out of 227 around the world visa-free.

Japan has been knocked off the top spot for the first time in five years and bumped into third place. Germany, Italy and Spain all move up into 2nd place with visa-free access to 190 destinations.

Other passports that tied with Japan to rank third place are Austria, Finland, France, Luxembourg, South Korea and Sweden.

The UK appears to have finally turned the corner after a six-year decline, jumping up two places on the latest ranking to 4th place.

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  1. Pakistan holds visa-free agreements with several countries, offering its citizens the privilege of hassle-free travel. These visa-free countries for Pakistan encompass a diverse range of destinations, including Malaysia, Qatar, and Dominica, among others.

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