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Dead body of horse rider recovered at Jutilasht

CHITRAL: The dead body of the young horse rider who fell off the horse into the Chitral river from Chew Bridge on Friday has been recovered at Jutilasht, Rescue 1122 said on Sunday.

The emergency service said after bring alerted about the body its staff reached Jutilasht and recovered the it. The body has been shifted to the District Headquarters Hospital Lower Chitral.

Owais Ayubi, in his 20s, son of Sher Akbar of Mroi, was coming to Chitral town when the horse jumped off after seeing a truck from the opposite direction at the bridge.

The young man could not keep balance and fell into the gushing river. The horse fled towards the Balach village.

Rescue 1122 and local people had been searching for the body since the tragic incident.


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