Documentary on Booni Girls Ice Hockey Team premiered

Documentary on Booni Girls Ice Hockey Team premiered

ISLAMABAD: A documentary called docu-drama on a girl ice hockey player from Booni, Upper Chitral, was premiered at Serena Hotel Islamabad on Friday night. 

The film Minahil, directed by Wajahat Malik, was co-funded by Serena Hotels and the Canadian High Commission in Islamabad. It served as a reflection on the broader issues faced by young girls and women in pursuing their passions besides raising questions about general equality and role of sports challenging societal norms.

“We are finally getting recognised and story is being told,” said Minahil, who is the lead character in the production. Minahil started playing ice hockey three years ago, a new game in the region. With support from our patrons, we are competing in bigger events,” she told the audience.

This year, the High Commission of Canada and Serena Hotels supported Eyebex Films with the hopes of bringing the stories of personal victories and achievements of some of the beneficiaries of the programme to the big screen. Minahil film highlighted the inspiring journey of the Booni Girls Ice Hockey Team, showcasing their determination and the transformative power of inclusion and gender equality. 

Aziz Boolani, CEO of Serena Hotels, South and Central Asia, believed in supporting gender equity and empowerment through various initiatives

Amanda DeSadeleer, First Secretary for Political and Public Affairs at the High Commission of Canada, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating: “The Booni story is a powerful one, and that is why we were thrilled when film director Wajahat Malik wanted to take on the job of capturing the work of the Booni Environmental Academy and how ice hockey, specifically girls ice hockey, has been at the heart of their journey.”

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  1. That’s great news for women of Chitral. They are taking part in sports and leaving a mark notwithstanding some section of society showing their hypocricy towards women sports in the name of culture and religion.

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